Run like the wind!!!!

Evening all

Sorry for the lack of blogs I’ve been a busy bee.

So I ended on Monday doing weights. Tuesday was my normal netball night, I have to say it was a very energetic session although very chilli. Anyhow I felt good and was really pleased with the numbers that made it.

Wednesday I received an email from my yoga instructor saying it was core work, yikes!!!! It was a good session and I actually learnt a lot from it, core doesn’t mean just your tummy your core muscles start at the arch of your feet and work up. I certainly felt like my core worked hard last night. It was a miserable night so glad it was yoga night.

Tonight I went for a run and went that bit further and came home and did some sit ups, press ups and lunges, I will have a bikini body…. Really want to lose a stone by the time I go skiing during the Easter holidays.

I have also found someone that it putting together a team for a 5k pretty muddy race for life, so I now also have a goal that I am working too, I feel I need to work towards something and have a challenge. It’s all about working to something that will make you work that much harder.

Well time to relax. Will blog tomorrow xxx


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