It’s damp out there

Evening all

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. I certainly have.

My tagine ended up being lovely even though we had to adapt the receipt and use a different dish.

Was going to go for a run last night but got very busy and ended up going out for tea at zizzi’s, I tried to choose healthy options but always hard. Anyhow I didn’t feel bloated or anything so that’s a good sign.

So today started off good had porridge with berries and low fat natural yoghurt, was yummy, lunch I had a wholemeal tortilla wrap and tuna salad which was delicious and very healthy. Snacked on fruit and nuts and a satsuma. Had salmon fish cakes, peas and a jacket potato for tea, I have put all this into my fitness pal and it is below my calorie allowance yippee.

So as my titles says is damp outside therefore I didn’t go for my run however I did some weights and interval cardio training 20 minutes goes very quick.

Any how fingers crossed it’s not raining tomorrow.

I keep meaning to say I’ve download a new app called “you” it’s run by Jamie Oliver and you do an action a day first action was to do squats or move every day and I have taken this on and on day 10 of doing 10 squats I de decided that I will do one extra so tomorrow will be 14 as it’s the 13th. Legs are feeling good.

As I mentioned I was going to get on my scales after 1 week and have found that all this exercise and healthier eating has proven to be a success o have lost 1.2 lbs in 1 weeks, not loads but needless to say I am very happy with this. Fingers crossed it continues and my clothes become far too big on me.

I now have a ski holiday to get prepared for in April so onwards and upwards towards my goal. Eeek

Speak tomorrow.


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