A little bit of rain won’t stop me

Hi all

Hope your well.

I am doing just fine and dandy been busy but had enough time to still exercise.

My exercise had been good went to another class Friday night after I finished coached, got up early to attend my friends new yoga but unfortunately I was the only one that turned up so we went and had coffee and catch up as I’ve not seen her for a while. The weekend went by in a flash. Anyhow Monday arrived back to work boo…. So I’ve eaten quite healthy and been for a run and did some bits indoors like sit ups and squats.

As my title says rain won’t stop me so I’ve had to cancel netball as its too dangerous to play on a wet court especially when temperatures are below 1c, but that didn’t stop me going for a run albeit small and not too far, it’s better than nothing, came home and did some weigh and sit ups. Feeling good.

I had a lovely compliment today a colleague who hasn’t seen me for a while asked if I had been to the gym as I was looking well which means all this healthy eating and exercise appears to be doing the job.

Even if you can’t see the progress someone else will. Really pleased and am hoping 2015 is my year to look fit and healthy and become good at running and a yoga instructor. I wish was already work has been annoying me but ah well…. It will come to me eventually.

Have a good evening.


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