Weekend’s nearly over

So I returned home from a family wedding this morning and decided it was time to de- Christmas my house and then went on a mission to clean.

I’ve not done any exercise since Friday so feeling a bit plumper after lots of nice food and drink. Back on it again tomorrow I want to go for a run and make my own 4 minute tabata routine consisting of squats, press up’s and sit ups. I will get fit slim down and tone up. This will be blogged about tomorrow evening once the day is done.

I’ve been good and made my lunch for the next 2 days so being prepared is the name of this game.

Anyhow I am back to work tomorrow boo. Fingers crossed for a fit and healthy day.

Over and out for the weekend. Will be back tomorrow evening.

Enjoy your Sunday night xx


Another day…. Another run

So today was the last day of my Christmas break, I took advantage by having another lie in, got up and did some work and decided I will go for a morning run. I am glad I did as I realised this morning that people driving are pretty much always in a hurry. I could have counted on one hand how many people in my local village were out walking. Not many!

I get it that people were back to work today and it was 10.30am but I feel people need to be outdoors taking in the fresh air in the sunshine more. It was a lovely day and I am so glad I went for my run. Another day another run under my belt, I will run further!!

I did jump in the car with my husband to go food shopping, but from now on if I need to nip to the shops which is about a 20 minute walk I will do it, don’t want to feel in a hurry all the time. Anyhow back to my shopping I am well and truly stocked up on lots of nice fruit and veg, back to reality next week so need to get up and get in the habit of having a healthy juice and breakfast before going to work, if I can manage it, a run as well. I will be a happy healthier person for it.

Well I am going to love you and leave you this evening, I won’t be blogging tomorrow as I am at a family wedding, hopefully drinking vodka lime and soda nothing too calorific. After that I am off the alcohol for January.

Peace out and have a good evening


Not so in a hurry Mrs g! X

2015 off to an ok start

So today is the 1st day of 2015 and it was off to an ok start for me. Unfortunately I had a lie which meant I didn’t get up and go for a run which I wanted to do last night. In the end I got up and went off to get a new microwave as my husband discovered last night ours didn’t work after trying to use our new Jamie rice pot.

Anyhow my husband and I did our chores and came home to have lunch. At about 4pm this evening I looked out the window after saying I would go for a run a bit later and thought oh it’s horrible might not. Sat down and changed my mind off I went at 4.30pm for a 1.09 mile run, not a long distance but it’s a start as they say “build it up gradually.” That’s my plan as I am not great at running.

Tonight after 5 long months of my husband being off sick and cooking my tea I cooked and it was a delicious spaghetti bolognese, the sauce was a jar as I am trying to use up cupboard stuff before going shopping. I made a conscious effort of having a smaller portion and chewing my food and taking my time, it does help and you do feel fuller if you take your time and chew lots. I also added a glass of water with a slice of lemon and lime and that also helped slow me down, and make me fell like I had eaten more.

I will lose weight and inches especially after weighing and measuring myself this morning, it was not a pretty site. 😧

Just want to sign off and say that I know it will not happen over night and I am excited for my new journey.

Enjoy your evening peace out 😄

A bit about me


First of all i would like to wish everyone a happy new year.

I am writing this blog as a way to keep me motivated throughout 2015 and make some life style changes to become more fit and healthy after getting married back in June 2013 and some of 2014 has been quite stressful.

I hope that this also helps others.

I have made numerous new years resolutions and have combined a few.

1) Was to get fit and healthy well I started that last week when I went for a run with my new running coat.

2) Was to save money but I have combined this with getting fit so that when I exercise I am to put £1.00 in a pot and when I reach an amount I will use some to treat myself.

3) Was to get creative, I have combined this with writing my blog about my journey and I am hoping it will help me stay on track and help others.

Please feel free to post some comments or feedback i am all ears.

Good luck

Much love!!