Attack those calories

Evening all

Hope your well.

Today started off good had lemon and hot water and my juice that I prepared last night, snacked on a musli bar and some nuts. At work it was fish and chip Friday so had a tandoori chicken wrap that was the healthiest I could do.

I finish early on a Friday as I coach gymnastics, it was our 1st one back they were really good sessions although a little evil for the 2nd group as we did a fitness circuit, all ended with very red faces.

I attend a class every other Friday called body attack, it was a new release tonight and was evil. Lots of running and squats with a bit of upper and lower body mixed in with some plank and cycle sit ups at the end. I feel amazing at the end, i got home and had home made chill for tea. Don’t feel like I need to eat anything else, I have noticed that I am not eating until I feel really full which is good.

Fingers crossed for a good result on Monday when I step on the scales just to see if I have lost anything.

Today I have found that I am quite fit just can give up quite easily which is why I like classes as they do push you rather than going to the gym as you can do what you want and give up.

Next week I will be doing attack again as it’s the same instructor so let’s see how I feel after next week.

Have a good weekend, i may go for a run see how my legs are after the class tonight as at the moment they ache.


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