Thank you for your practice

So half way through the week yippee. Can you tell I am loving being back at work not!!! Anyhow been a good day food wise, had cornflakes with raisins yummy, and made an Anna Richardson body blitz recipe for lunch which was rye bread not a lover but tried it and have it again tomorrow with Parma ham, chicken breast and salad. Tea was chicken balti with steamed rice and nann bread, anyhow with this food it was all under my daily calorie allowance go me, I had some snacks as well.

I had yoga tonight and needed it after some one decided they wanted my lane and luckily only got away with a broken wing mirror. Better get that fixed tomorrow.

Anyhow tonight’s exercise was vinyasa yoga, I have become in love with it, it’s not all relaxation, tonight was all about building your foundations which are you feet very challenging and painful on my little feet. I will one day be doing my dream of teaching yoga. Always wanted a job with fitness but ended up sitting in an office doing accounts for my dad. He won’t be working be the owner of the company one day with so want to prepare as I don’t think I will want to either.

My motto for today is be prepared and relax.

Juice all ready for my breakfast tomorrow.

Night all.

Mrs g one a yoga teacher….. 😄


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