1st day back at work…

So today was my first day back at work set my alarm and got up without snoozing yippee. Kicked off the day with a hot water and lemon supposed to be really good for you and detox, going to try and do this every day as soon as I wake up. After this decided that to be good I needed to have my breakfast within 45 minutes of waking so juiced almost immediately after my hot water and lemon. Today’s juice wasn’t the nicest it was a clean skin elixir as I am suffering from back skin at the moment,

The juice did make me feel full and snacked on a musli bar about 11am then had my Gino D’acampo ultimate pasta was delicious, I urge everyone to try it really easy to make. Snacked on fruit and had a small chocolate bar, they say don’t deprive yourself of all the bad stuff,if you do you will fall of the bandwagon. Well that’s my motto, I am more likely to lose weight if I don’t deprive myself of all the bad things and have a small portion of it.

Anyhow I feel amazing as I went for my run before my tea which was salmon and spinach risotto, while it was being prepared I also attempted some tabata style workout.

Well today has been a good day and am hoping that I will continue with this new habit of running and more exercise and eating healthier, time to try a new juice tomorrow.

Hope you all have a lovely evening

Chilling Mrs g xx


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