Another day…. Another run

So today was the last day of my Christmas break, I took advantage by having another lie in, got up and did some work and decided I will go for a morning run. I am glad I did as I realised this morning that people driving are pretty much always in a hurry. I could have counted on one hand how many people in my local village were out walking. Not many!

I get it that people were back to work today and it was 10.30am but I feel people need to be outdoors taking in the fresh air in the sunshine more. It was a lovely day and I am so glad I went for my run. Another day another run under my belt, I will run further!!

I did jump in the car with my husband to go food shopping, but from now on if I need to nip to the shops which is about a 20 minute walk I will do it, don’t want to feel in a hurry all the time. Anyhow back to my shopping I am well and truly stocked up on lots of nice fruit and veg, back to reality next week so need to get up and get in the habit of having a healthy juice and breakfast before going to work, if I can manage it, a run as well. I will be a happy healthier person for it.

Well I am going to love you and leave you this evening, I won’t be blogging tomorrow as I am at a family wedding, hopefully drinking vodka lime and soda nothing too calorific. After that I am off the alcohol for January.

Peace out and have a good evening


Not so in a hurry Mrs g! X


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