2015 off to an ok start

So today is the 1st day of 2015 and it was off to an ok start for me. Unfortunately I had a lie which meant I didn’t get up and go for a run which I wanted to do last night. In the end I got up and went off to get a new microwave as my husband discovered last night ours didn’t work after trying to use our new Jamie rice pot.

Anyhow my husband and I did our chores and came home to have lunch. At about 4pm this evening I looked out the window after saying I would go for a run a bit later and thought oh it’s horrible might not. Sat down and changed my mind off I went at 4.30pm for a 1.09 mile run, not a long distance but it’s a start as they say “build it up gradually.” That’s my plan as I am not great at running.

Tonight after 5 long months of my husband being off sick and cooking my tea I cooked and it was a delicious spaghetti bolognese, the sauce was a jar as I am trying to use up cupboard stuff before going shopping. I made a conscious effort of having a smaller portion and chewing my food and taking my time, it does help and you do feel fuller if you take your time and chew lots. I also added a glass of water with a slice of lemon and lime and that also helped slow me down, and make me fell like I had eaten more.

I will lose weight and inches especially after weighing and measuring myself this morning, it was not a pretty site. 😧

Just want to sign off and say that I know it will not happen over night and I am excited for my new journey.

Enjoy your evening peace out 😄


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